BLOG- Working on my new Musical show idea.

Ive been rehearsing every day coming up with an inspiring new Musical show based on my life. Each song in this show will be taking the audience through my life’ beginning with my early days as a guitarist and songwriter through my first completely nervous audition  in Las Vegas at the Imperial Palace Hotel etc.

I will be singing many songs that Ive never sung or recorded before that are FUN for me to sing along with some of my original songs. Ive also arranged many fun medleys (tributes to some of my favorite composers like Stephen Sondheim, James Taylor, Burt Bacarac, Michel LeGrand).

I will also be putting up links to some of my rehearsals and also some songs you can download.
To be continued..


Starting my blog today.

I have been busy writing my first Memoir. It has been fun and enlightening and a bit therapuetic! I’m not sure exactly where its going what ‘theme’ this first Memoir will have but for now Im just writing daily to see what comes up.

A lot of my memories from my Streisand impersonation days are surfacing. I will include my fears at my first Las Vegas audition, some back stage antics etc.


Check back for my daily blog post.