About Michelle Monet

Michelle Monet  is a multi faceted creative person.  Her first foray into music was at a summer camp at ten years old where she led singalongs around the campfire with songs from John Denver to Peter, Paul and Mary, Joni Mitchell, Carole King , James Taylor to the Eagles,  who were her early musical influences. In 1987 she began her career playing her guitar and singing around the Denver area in lounges and lounges with her tip bowl. She performed as a vocalist/guitarist for many years until age 29 when she went on a trip to Las Vegas to visit a friend  and was discovered by a talent agent who asked her to audition for the show Legends in Concert’, after hearing her sing at a Vegas lounge.  
She performed her Tribute to Streisand around the world for many years from Vegas to Tahoe, to Atlantic City, New York, Russia to South Africa. In 1996 while starring in the show “Beyond Belief’ in the resort city of Sun City, South Africa (where she had the starring role) Michelle felt an abrupt  upheaval in her creative life and she suddenly switched passions  from music to visual art.  After what she called a semi midlife crisis–breakdown/breakthrough in her life at age 36 (more in her upcoming Memoir) she realized she was suddenly  fascinated with visual art.  She started sketching and doodling obsessively  while  walking around the seashores of Cape Town, walking into outdoor cafes doodling from the menu–drawing whatever she saw. Up until that point she never  drew a stick figure  so needless to say she was surprised by her sudden obsession with visual art. Since then she has sold her art in her gallery/studio and at art shows and festivals around the country for happy customers and collectors. 
In 1996 Michelle was inspired to then commit to her writing life. She has published 4 books, 3 poetry and is currently writing a memoir about her life in show business including her surviving domestic violence, panic disorder and a dependency on prescribed medication.

These days you can find Michelle typing away on her next few books and chilling with her five cats and boyfriend Bob in the Smoky Mountains.