About Michelle Monet

Michelle Monet is a multi faceted creative human being. Creativity could be her middle name.
She started her life as a singer songwriter playing her guitar around the Denver area in lounges and cabaret clubs. Her first foray into music was at a summer camp  where she went to every year and would lead singalongs around the campfire with songs from John Denver to Peter, Paul and Mary, Joni Mitchell, Carole King and  James Taylor to the Eagles,  her early musical influences.

Michelle Monet with her guitar

She performed as a vocalist/guitarist for many years until age 29 when she went on a trip to Las Vegas to visit a friend and she was discovered by a talent agent who asked her to audition for the show Legends in Concert’ on the Vegas strip. She performed her tribute to Streisand around the world for many years from Tahoe, to Atlantic City, Russia to South Africa. 
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In 1996 while starring in the show “Beyond Belief’ in the resort city of
Michelle impersonating Barbra Streisand

Michelle as Barbra Streisand

Sun City, South Africa (where she had the starring role) Michelle felt an abrupt and sudden upheaval in her creative life. She suddenly switched passions  from music to visual art. She fell in love with art!
 After what she called a semi midlife’crisis/breakdown/breakthrough in her life at age 36 (more in her upcoming Memoir!) she realized she was fascinated with drawing pictures. She started sketching and doodling and drawing pictures obsessively  while she was walking around the seashores of Cape Town. She would walk into small outdoor cafes pick up a pencil and just start doodling from the menu, whatever she saw. It was fun and exciting to ‘see what came out of the pencil’, she explains.
UP until that point she never even drew a stick figure  so needless to say she was surprised by her sudden obsession with visual art !
Michelle read only one book on drawing called ‘Drawing on the Right side of the brain‘ and it literally changed her life. She taught herself many art mediums starting with pencil drawings then acrylics,  watercolors, calligraphy then found polymer clay and then combined them all into her mixed media art.

Michelle getting some art ready to sell at the ‘Melwood Art Center Art Fair’ in Louisville, KY.

Fast forward to today.
Through a serious of trial and error experimentation she sort of invented her own style of art in her mixed media creations. The process usually begins one of her original drawings or doodles (in pencil or pen) then she adds a mixture of polymer clays on top of the drawing . Then she  bakes them in a special oven  finally  adds the embellishments and quotations to make the final piece.
‘I love the process of finding interesting, funny, sometimes serious or inspirational quotes and using them with my creations.’ Michelle says. “Sometimes I am in a humorous mood other times a more spiritual reflective mood so my art varies. I rarely get bored and I never duplicate my art so each piece is always an original.’ They key to my work is that I always strive to have fun when I work and also breaking some rules is always fun too!

Michelle with her art at an indoor show at the ‘Gatlinburg Convention Center’.


Recently Michelle had a new ‘switch of passions! She realized after some new reflections (and possibly a bit of menopausal ‘madness’) life experience and feeling a sense of blah with her visual art career, that her first love and maybe her TRUE love was writing! She had always kept diaries and journals from age 8 until 54 so this light bulb went off in her brain. “I want to write!!’ ‘I NEED to write even more seriously now!”

So just like her obsession with visual art she began writing and writing and writing without stopping for many months after her favorite cat BigBoy died in January of this year. Now Michelle is on a new creative path, her writing path ,and is planning to finish her Memoir (about her life in showbiz , her reflections  etc) in the coming year. She has also started her new BLOG. (See her BLOG PAGE) Michelle has now dedicated her life to her writing and has added the third ‘leg’ to her life of art and music.20160219_181204

Whether its coming out in music through her guitar or vocal chords, through her pen or clay sculptures or now through her  storytelling in her writings to Michelle it all has a common theme. It it  all ‘expression’ and a creative person must create! 

To her writing feels the most at ‘home’ she has ever felt and she is excited to be on this new creative writing path.


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