Repeat customers at the Louisville Summit Art Festival. Louisville, KY. Fun gals!


This is my set up outside at the French market in New Orleans. Smaller set up with green umbrella.


This guy made my day at the Gatlinburg FIne Arts Festival, Gatlinburg, TN. He bought 4 bags full of art as gifts he said for Christmas. I sure love happy customers!


Fun gals at the Rossini Festival in Knoxville. One gal bought my brand new ‘Three Beaches by the sea’.


This is where I set up outside in a different location every day at the French Market in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Glad I brought a lot of art!

WOW! Love it!’, Marla Jordan, Lagrange, KY.

‘ YOU ARE a true artist’–Joanne Spino, Stuart, FL.

‘”Your art is amazing. I love it very much’–Sydney Johnsen

‘It was so nice to visit with you. You truly are an inspiration!’ –Ashley Coffey

‘Coolest stuff Ive seen since Ive been here’–Judy Miller, Akron, OH

‘Wonderful! Fantastic! Unique!’- Robin Holliday, Knoxville, TN.

‘Unique. REAL talent’– Toni Poe, Ft. Myers, FL.

‘Thanks for being UNIQUE! We love your art’–Toni and Kaylee Drake, Rome, GA.

‘We have seen a lot of ‘craftsmen’, but only a few real artists and Michelle is One’.’ Bob Hand, Cincinatti, OH.

‘Youre a star! We love your place’–Amy and Stephen Cannady, Roxboro, NC.

‘Youre the BEST. Im so glad you were/are here’ –Ruth Farinelli, Jupiter, FL.

‘Love this art-it is fantastic-”Real art’.-bought 5 of them.- Too good to be here!’-Georgio Pacitti, Hamburg, Germany


A rare thing! A man buying my art.haa Normally women buy it but hey thankyou dude!I love your creativity–SO cool!’–

‘You make such wonderful different art. Its a splash of UNIQUE in such a plain country place!!’–Ariel Kifer, Green castle, PA

‘Totally unique!’–Gwen Watkins, Hueytown, AL.

‘Your art is awesome and you are amazing. We are very glad to have met you.Wishing you happiness’ –Mel and Dale Blackford

‘Magnificent! Very unique’–Rebecca Rupff, Durand, MI.

‘Awesome stuff. So original!’–Julianne Vetter, Yonkers, NY


Mother and son buying art. I love when moms teach them early to appreciate art.WOOHOO!

‘Great shop. Memorable and inspirational!’-Bob and Pauline Tuttle, Sanibel Is, FL.

‘Different and unique! Completely awesome. Love your humor!’–Monica Harsfield, Detroit. MI.


Nice humorous couple at the LOUISVILLE SUMMiT show, Louisville, KY.

‘Love your funky, wonderful art!!’- The Docken family, Ft. Worth, TX

”YOUnique!’–Carole Abrahame, Omaha, NE.


his was at the French Market in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Ccoooold day out there but happily still had some great customers there. BRRR! Get your coat on

‘What talent!, Fabulous. Enjoyed the singing show while browsing too!’ 

Mary Dean

Here I am prepping some art before the ‘Mellwood art fair’ opens in Louisville, KY.

This is me prepping some art before the ‘Mellwood arts fair’, Louisville, KY


This lady had her money out and READY.ha. Fun three generations. Grandma, mom and granddaughter at the Louisville Summitt show, Louisville, KY


Nice customer at the FRENCH QUARTER French Market.