MICHELLE MONET was born in Brooklyn, New York and was raised and began her musical career in Denver, Colorado. She picked up the guitar at age 8 and discovered she had an innate ability to play, sing and compose music.
 In 1979 Michelle met and teamed up with songwriter Archie Evans Jr. and they began composing music. They collaborated on over 50 original songs throughout their partnership. In 1985 after singing around the Denver, Colorado area as a solo artist with her guitar, Michelle formed a band and began producing and starring in concerts, some to benefit various charities she believed in. In 1988 Michelle also taught Vocal Performance Workshops and private vocal and guitar lessons.
 On a trip to Las Vegas in 1989, Michelle was spotted singing in a hotel lounge by an agent who grabbed her and asked her if she would like to  audition for the part of Barbra Streisand in the Las Vegas show ‘Legends in Concert’. The agent was overwhelmed by Michelle’s vocal ability and also her uncanny resemblance to Streisand. Michelle won the part and in 1989 began performing her Tribute to Streisand in  major productions and showrooms from Vegas to New York, Lake Tahoe to Atlantic City , Montreal, Canada, South Africa to Russia.
mmsm005Along with her appearing in the show ‘Legends in Concert’ she starred in the New York production of  “Superstars Live’ and the multi-million dollar production show ‘Beyond Belief’ in Sun City, South Africa where she earned the starring role. (The finale). In 1995 Michelle was hired to produce her own show ‘Streisand and Friends’ at the Four Queens Hotel in Las Vegas. Her production was brought back three times to rave reviews. She sang various duets with other area vocalists in this show.
 Some of the dignitaries Michelle has sung for over the years include  Michael Jackson, Phil Donahue, President and Mrs. Gerald Ford and Donald Trump. Michelle was even asked to sing for President Clinton at a White House fundraiser. The Clinton’s press agent told Michelle’s agent that  the ‘real’ Streisand wanted 2 million for the night”. Michelle’s agent jokingly answered, “Well.. Michelle will do it for half that.”
Over the years Michelle has continued to compose, record and perform her original music in her show  entitled ‘She, Streisand and ME, Monet’ in which she incorporates her Streisand impersonation with her moving and memorable original songs, personality, storytelling and guitar playing. Michelles most recent performances of “She, Streisand and ME, Monet’were at Denver’s Lannies Cabaret club’ and Chicagos ‘Skokie Theater’ to sold out audiences. 

Michelle is currently writing her Memoir which will be about her life in show biz, her feelings about impersonating Streisand and her eventual return to ‘herself’. Stay tuned!


Poster for concert in Denver’s ‘Lannies Cabaret’ club