Hi everyone! I have been very busy editing and formatting my first ever book.  It is a poetry book called ‘CATCH A POEM BY THE TALE”. (Thank you to my friend  Val for thinking up this brilliant title!)

I thought I would share a bit of my process with you and let you know how its been going.

‘I didn’t choose writing. Writing chose me’.

This quote pretty much sums up how I feel about my new found obsession with writing. It started in January of this year after my cat BigBoy died. My pen just would not stop moving. I started with my Memoir. I wrote about 40,000 words towards it but then hit a bit of a block with it. It was advised to me by Memoir writing friends to put it on the back burner for awhile to let it simmer. I did that.

I still felt this need to write (writing is in my blood now!) so I turned my creative writing  energy towards my new poetry book.

Here are a few kind comments so far about my work: 

‘WICKEDLY GOOD!Li Starhill- TV producer, Vancouver, B.C.

‘BRILLLIANT!”Julius Howard, author of  ‘Beasts of Freedom’



A FINE ARTIST. BOTH IN WORD AND PICTURE’.Calvin Smith, Actor. Play director

‘PURE JOY! LOVE YOUR STYLE!’Harlan Wheeler. Author, Poet and Inspirational Troublemaker..

Thank you all so much. The support definitely helps me to keep on keepin on!

Overall,  this whole writing  process has been  fun although tedious.

  • Deciding on  which poems to put in
  • Deciding what order to put them in the book
  • Adding my original artwork to it. (All the art in this blog post are mine)
  • Deciding which of the 7 chapters to put them in. 

11 x 14 watercolor

1.Thoughts on Writing and Creativity
2.Deep (and lighter) Thoughts
3. Sadness/Grieving
4. Food, People and Places
5. Anger/Art show burnout
6. CapeTown (Leaving music business)
7. Hope and Inspiration



pen n ink drawing

I am also illustrating about 47 poems out of the over 130 poems in the book, which is fun. Combining my visual art with my writing seems to be ideal for my eclectic personality type. I am using my  line drawings, also some of my old watercolor, acrylic and pastel paintings. I will be turning all my colored artwork  black and white for the inside of the book. Some of my poems are on the silly side so I will be using my lighthearted art (like this one here for my poem about Donald Trump and Ted Cruz). Other poems  that are deeper and darker I am using the landscapes.


I recently summoned  3 friends (beta readers) to help me with editing and content ideas. I appreciate them so much! Thanks Steph, Calvin and Barb. The interesting thing about this is that they all had different ideas and suggestions. They did agree though on many other points. The overall consensus seems similar  and it has been helpful. Ultimately though I must go with my own gut about the final edit.



Then the Orlando shooting happened and it sort of took the wind out of my creative sails. Like all of us I’m sure it is like getting punched in the gut over and over again with these damn shootings! I thought ‘Ahhh why even bother with this silly book? Why does it matter? Its not that important in the scheme of life. Life is too sad right now. blah blah’ ‘Is this book even worth doing?’ “Whats the purpose of it anyway?”..


11 x 14 pastel painting

They call that the ‘inner critic’. I decided to shut the inner critic up by saying “SHUT UP inner critic !! heh. Pretty simple eh?? I am doing this thing anyway. If everyone in America gets depressed and shuts down then the terrorist wins. We must keep on keepin on! Creativity heals!

Then I read a blog from another writer that I admired. She said she checked  her Amazon stats after publishing her book and had only sold 7 books. 7?? Oh well….( I realize writing is not about the money, should never be about the money. It definitely is not for me.)

So in the midst of some emotional crap I ‘show up’ and I go back to my editing process every day. I review each poem for content, typos and  grammar, I  move poems into the seven categories, read them aloud etc.


pen n ink line drawing

It is definitely a tedious process and honestly  I’ve grown a wee bit bored with reading them over and over. Someone said ‘Write drunk, edit sober’. I’ve been very very sober lately. LOL. I am the type of person that wants to move on to my next idea and not stew over old stuff. I will be thankful when this book is done and published so I can move on– to book 2 and 3!

Some poems in this book I really do like a lot. Some I am super proud of. Some just ‘wrote themselves’ in one take like being taken over by a higher force. Some I woke up at 4 am to scribble down in a half awake stupor. Some I wrote from  my journal entries when I was grieving my beloved cats death. In my opinion some  are ‘eh’, B plus, maybe C——but others are quite good. A plus!  Overall I like the book. It is a bit of a mini Memoir because within the seven chapters is my life story (told through these poems). It is a bit of a prelude to the Memoir. Two of my friends who read it said ‘Wow this could be a memoir. It definitely has elements of that and my goal is that it spurs people to want to read my next books.


acrylic on wood

In the midst of editing I keep coming up with new ideas for new poems (which  I am happy about) . This proves that I definitely love poetry and writing. I do think book 2  and book 3 are now bubbling up out of me.


Recently right when I was feeling that I was getting close to being done with the editing process I discovered a wonderful new poet online named Magenta Wise. I read her book titled  “Messages are dancing in the rain’. I loved it so much and I got totally re inspired! ( GO GET IT ON AMAZON if you love poetry!!)  It was crazy.  I had been writing mostly simple poems (Dr. Suess-ish rhyme schemes mainly) but after finishing her book I started writing in an all new more interesting style. I was immersed with a whole new way of writing!! Thanks to her I have a new love and zest for poetry. 


pen n ink

I wrote her and said ‘DAMN YOU!! Now what do I do with this almost finished book??’ She said ‘Just finish the one you are working on’, so I am. ‘They say imitation is the best form of flattery. Another quote is ‘Good artists copy. Great artists steal’ and I have been immersed in reading other poetry books from classic poets to the past to contemporary poets. It is a wonderful thing. I have been waking up in the middle of the night sometimes to ‘catch’ a new poetry idea, which I am thankful for. I really do love the act of writing. I know that  writing should never be a money making goal. Its a hard and tedious life. I am not not doing this for money or accolades but for the creative expression of it. It is definitely a new calling that I am listening to in spite of any outside influence.

SO, I am off to my next edit and this book should soon be done and a reality! WOOOHOO.

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Here are just a few poems from my upcoming book:


6 am.. stepped outside
I must confess— now must confide
for many days I haven’t cried
It’s been a long time coming.
Just wanted meaning from a life
no pulling backwards from the knife
it seems I mingled with the rife
It’s been a long time coming.
Held it closely to my chest
new frontiers I must confess
like an old gold treasure chest
Smelled the darkness of the world
all the madness now unfurled
untangled hair in fingers twirled
It’s been a long time coming.
Now there is no turning back
the white is here replacing black
with no yearning and no lack.
It’s been a long time coming
There was no sun for 40 days
frozen soul steeped in malaise
many thought that I was crazed..
Its been a long time coming
No more use for constant chatter
no more need for maudlin banter
now accept the tenors cantor  

It’s been a long time coming.

The only Jew in Sevier County? Yep. Sevierville Tennesseeeeee
There’s Dollywood and Moonshine shops  (Do I live in Mayberry?)
 Gomer? Goober? Clyde? Aunt Bee? and here I am a Jew!
No kosher delis, bagels, lox But Bobbie Joes and Emmy Lous!
No synagogues, no kosher foods the only Jew for miles?
‘Jesus loves you!! they yell with toothless grins
wearing down home hillbilly smiles.
Came to open my studio here where I sold my fun art work
my customers were all tourists who seemed to love my quirk.
 but then my art sales floundered the year 2008
I closed my doors went back out to shows it seemed that was my fate!
But now I’m back again  hearin ‘howdy there yaaaaaawllll!’
whats a jewish girl doing in this right wing town
with Bubbas in overalls?
I know I must accept this life
‘Bloom where youre planted’!’ they say
It’s just a fact I live here now Sevierville, Tennessee