I am currently writing a MEMOIR. 


‘ A Memoir is like having a dump truck pull up beside you and tip a couple tons of garbage on your head’

by Will Boast

 This book will be  memories of my life starting with  my lonely childhood as the oddball hermit in Jr. High school in Denver, Colorado. to my life in showbiz. I will share with you my journey from performing my original music in Denver area lounges (as a guitar/solo act) to impersonating Barbra Streisand from Las Vegas to South Africa in various shows and showrooms around the world. 

 It will also include various writings of mine from journal entries,  poetry through anecdotes. The Memoir will also include my new awarenesses of life aftermusic when I turned to visual art ( how that whole process evolved ) and my life afterwards as a visual artist to current day writer!

I will be writing ‘excerpts’ from this Memoir in my


so do check my BLOG often!